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Two things are hard for a man to find: a good wife and a good barber. Believe it or not, men develop an obsession over their coiffeur just as much as women do. When it comes to their beard and fade, men are just as picky, and will frequently wait hours for their guy’s availability so they can feel new and elegant. 


 Barbero Gentlemen’s Lounge is perfectly located in the center of Dubai, UAE, and is designed with modern luxury, perfect lighting, and an ideal environment to give its customers an unforgettable barber experience. 

Inspired by luxury and class, Barbero strives to deliver modern looks that exude urban sensibility with its chic salon and rich grooming. So whether you are in need of a special haircut, hot towel shave, hair dye, traditional massage, Moroccan bath, hair treatment, or even nail care, Barbero has got you covered. 

Barbero’s diverse team of professionals, who come from different locations in the world, are united under the same level of knowledge and expertise in the barbering field. In addition to that, the salon combined cutting-edge technology tools and products from top brands like Kiel’s, Dermalogica, and Dyson. 

Barbero’s staff is focused on delivering the best quality experience for their customers and will make sure to keep them entertained as well. In addition, while you wait for your turn, you can enjoy a cup of coffee or a refreshing drink from Barbero’s in-house barista.

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